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[1.1] Visitors to this website are users of the same, those who find the information related to the type of activity, products and services that we.
[1.2] The information and materials included on the website have been obtained from sources deemed to be reliable. However, Despite taking precautions and reasonable means to ensure the reliability of the information, is not guaranteed that this is accurate, complete, and/o upgrade.
As a result, we decline any responsibility by omission of information or the publication of erroneous information appearing on this web.
[1.3] The information displayed or provided by this website should be regarded as, by the user, general information, without ellosignifique that can estimate such information as a decisive element for decision-making by the user of the web, by the quedeclinamos all liability for the lack of verification of the same, and specifically has to be understood that such information, subject to the regulations in force in Spain, you are not destined to those users who act under other jurisdictions of States requiring compliance with various requirements for the making available, dissemination or advertising of services relating to the activities or services advertised on this web.
[1.4] As service providers of the information society, We reserve the right to update, modify or delete the information on this website, and even limit or deny access to such information, without notice. Especially, is reserved the right to remove, limit or prevent access to the web when technical difficulties by non-us to facts or circumstances arise, at our discretion,diminish or annul the standard safety levels adopted for the proper functioning of this web.
[1.5] As providers, We could at any time establish technical legal procedures to obtain anonymous information about visitors, that would mean, in any case, that such information could not be associated in any way to a concrete and identified user. Work procedures preserved data as the domain name of the provider that gives the user access to the network, the date and time of access to our website, the Internet address from which it departed the link or link to our website, the number of daily visitors to each section, and data of a similar nature. The purpose of the data and information collected is statistical, in such a way that allows us to acquire more knowledge about the activity of visitors to the website, in order to improve it or increase your presence online.
[1.6] Users, at any time, they could turn off information gathering procedures referred to in the previous exhibition point by modifying your browser settings. However the above, disabling it referred to here does not affect or interfere with the seaworthiness of the users in our web.
[1.7] The user authorize us expressly and unequivocally to obtain and treat the information generated as a result of the use of this website, with the sole purpose of offering a more personalized and efficient navigation.

[2.1] As providers, we decline any responsibility regarding the information displayed on this web, from non-US sources,as well as the contents that we have not made.

[2.2] The purpose of the links (links) appearing on this website is only and exclusively the inform the user about the existence of other fuentesde information on the subject on the Internet, where can you expand the data offered in this web. Therefore, in we will be, in any case, responsablesdel result obtained access to such links or links.
[2.3] In any case, We will be responsible for any loss, damages or losses of any nature arising from the access or use of the East website, including those produced on computer systems or those caused by viruses or illegal activities of hackers (hackers).
Also, nor will be responsible for any damage users may suffer by inappropriate use of this website and, in any way, falls, interruptions, absence or defect in telecommunications.
[2.4] As providers, We are not responsible in any way for possible discrepancies that may arise between the version of its printed documents and the electronic version of the same published on its websites or obtained electronically on this web.

[3.1] As providers, We guarantee the protection of customer data and users.This website does not automatically recognize any datoreferente to the identity of visitors to its pages, in the online services offered,in order to ensure laseguridad and confidentiality, you will require prior identification and authentication of the user on the system, through the application passwords, In those cases where the user requests sobreservicios information or products or wishes to make the processing of claims or incidents,through the submission of forms on web pages,You will in any case need to collect personal data which corresponds to inform you of your application,. This web does not automatically recognize any datoreferente to the identity of the visitors of your pages. However the above, in the online services offered, in order to guarantee security and confidentiality, will require the prior identification and authentication of the user in the system, through the application of access keys. In those cases the user request information sobreservicios or products or you wish to perform the processing of complaints or incidents, through the sending of forms available on web pages,It will be all if necessary collect those personal data that apply to be able to inform you of your application.
[3.2] As providers of information society services and responsible for the personal data files, We inform the users of this website that all personal data will be treated with absolute confidentiality, being used for the purposes that have been requested, in the framework of the basic law 15/1999, of 13 of December, protection of personal data (LOPD), the law 34/2002, of 11 July, the society of information and e-commerce services (LSSI-CE) and other applicable legislation.
[3.3] As responsible of the personal data files, We are those who assume the responsibility in the adoption of deindole technical and organizational security measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information, in accordance with the data protection act, la LSSI-CE, and other applicable legislation.
[3.4] The user will respond, in any case, the accuracy of the data provided, so reserve us the right to exclude any user who has provided false information in the serviciosregistrados, without prejudice to any other actions which may be applicable in accordance with law.
[3.5] Any registered user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of their personal data,respect of your personal data in the terms provided for in the law, provided through this web, through written communication,a copy of the identity document, directed to the entity, as responsible of the collected personal data, whose address is indicated at the end of this legal notice.

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[4.2] As holders of the copyright of this website, We reservamosla possibility of exercising the legal actions that correspond against users who violate or infringe the rights of intellectual and industrial property.

[5.1] The present general conditions shall be governed by the Spanish legislation alluded to above or any other not explicitly indicadapero mandatory. Therefore, the user of this website hereby expressly disclaimed the jurisdiction that apply to you, submitting to the corresponding courts.

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